How important are our coffee drinking moments scattered across our day? We rest our happiness on them, and sometimes it feels like even our survival! So often, however, these meant-to-be sacred moments unhappily collide with butchered coffee made by uninspired or incompetent baristas. At Seattle we have worked hard to maintain the craft element of coffee. It is delicately preserved and nurtured as it journeys through the steps from bean to cup.

Everybody should be able to drink exquisite coffee.


Where it all begins

The best quality coffee starts with premium-grade green beans. Arabica and Robusta are the two main species of coffee trees, and Arabica is by far the superior strain. We source the top 1% of the world’s finest Arabica beans. We work closely with every farmer and co-op to ensure that their methods of soil preservation, harvesting and processing will maximize their crop quality and ensure the sustainability of their environment.


Turn up the heat

Roasting coffee is a science and an art form. Mixing their honed skill, culinary intuition and an understanding of scientific absolutes, our highly apprenticed roasters guide each roast through well-defined parameters. Careful thought and 20 years of experience have gone into every step of our roast. This extends from the intricacies of the gas burner, how the beans are tossed within the roasting drum, all the way to the cooling system.


The way you like it

To the untrained eye, making a great cup of coffee may seem simple and pedestrian. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We estimate that there are 100 steps to making a great cappuccino. In the mix are humidity or temperature changes that require our baristas to make incremental adjustments to grind size in order to avoid under or over-extraction. Under-extract and the coffee will taste sour and thin.


Something for every palate

Each major coffee region in the world, spanning Indonesia, Africa and South America, possess unique flavour profiles. Some are higher in acidity while others are fuller in body. Some have fruity notes while some deliver more chocolaty flavours. In order to create our signature espresso blend, we have combined beans from all the major coffee growing regions of the world.

Your own Seattle

at Seattle we believe everyone should be able to have exquisite coffee, as and when they want it.
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